The Benefit Industry Dynamic: Frustration

Benefits administrators, we understand your pain.
High-budget, low-service, system restrictions that seem like you're always hitting a wall; the tyranny of obsolescence is over.

Redefining Benefits Administration

Empyrean changed the benefits administration market by introducing the most advanced, flexible technology platform to the industry, and supports it with industry-leading service.

Plus, we tailor our solutions to integrate with your benefits program to rescue you from the expense of buying a new system either now or in a few years.
That‘s resourceful and just plain smart.

Administrators across the industry are looking for

Freedom. Stability. Control.

Empyrean is determined to deliver these key factors.

Staying Current is Built In.

Dinosaurs were impressive – for their time, but we‘ve got benefits to administer. Empyrean‘s technology and services keep you in front of the fast-moving healthcare and benefits market; no outdated dino-code or slacking here.

How Can Empyrean Help My Company?

Great question. Let us get to know you better, so that we can tell you.
What best describes you?